Interested in maximizing the potential of your music? Whether this is your first time in a professional recording studio or you’re a recording veteran, you want your project to sound professional and broadcast ready. We believe that the key to an excellent recording is capturing a quality performance. Each project is unique and we believe we’ve found the best way to assist you in achieving your goals.

We start by providing a clean, relaxing atmosphere which is key to developing a creative mindset. Next, we combine a studio equipped with quality equipment seen in major studios world-wide and a staff with both years of real-world experience to draw upon as well as degrees in both music performance and technology (a combination that is lacking in many studios today). The end result– an environment ideal for unlocking your creative potential and the right tools to produce the final product you’re looking for.

Over the years our customers have ranged from bands and soloist artists looking to cut their first demos to major label, touring artists and corporate customers like NBC, The Catholic Diocese, Def Jam, Appleseed Records, and Albany Broadcasting. Our customers have received both regional and national airplay and one of our artists even made it onto the short list for the Grammy’s for a project completed at Rockwell Productions. Broadcast quality– not a problem….

Broadcast Quality Recordings -

Rockwell Productions

Rockwell Productions