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Rockwell Productions

     Whether you're in need of just a quick demo, commerical for your business or a well produced, national-release worthy album, Rockwell Productions Recording and Music Studios has the equipment and expertise to provide a recording you'll be proud of for years to come.

      During our almost 20 years of music production, Rockwell Productions has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of artists in a wide range of genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, acoustic/folk, jazz, classical, metal, country, jam, world, techno, traditional, spiritual and adult contemporary as well as producing regional and internationally released commercials and other projects.

     Here is just a sample of a few of our recent projects (compressed to an MP3 format). Call to schedule a personalized tour of our studio to hear more...
'Beautiful Thing'
'Your Up Down'
Jermaine Wells
(club/hip hop)
'Heart Remains'
Will of Fitz
(Adult Contemp)
(hip hop)
'Ladies for Buchannan'
'Nothing Left to Lose'
Closed at Sunset
(pop rock/punk)
'Live Remote Sampler'
Four Down
'Motivation in Moderation'
The Same Four
(pop rock)


'Hear the Rockwell Difference'
(audio sampler)